MacSpell – Mac OS X Lion is here! Apple Zombies Rejoice!

Google’s entry into the world of operating systems seems to be having an effect. Apple has brought out its Mac OS X Lion operating system and is selling it for just $29.

how to windowsThe low price is probably an indication that Steve Jobs is afraid of Google’s free Chrome OS Linux based system. Mr. Jobs may also be afraid of the Acer and Samsung Chromebooks that are now on sale in some areas. Of course, you will have to lay out the big bucks to buy a mac tutorials in order to use an OS X Lion.

The interesting question: What effect could this have on Windows 8, which is supposedly due out next year? Will Microsoft actually lower the price in order to compete with Google and Apple? They may have no choice, which would be good for computer users.

Now that Mac’s Lion, which is the replacement for Snow Leopard, has been trotted out, we have to wonder if it is any better. There are some interesting facets to Mac OS Lion. Something called Mac OS Lion X 10.7 will allow you to centralize your content on Mac’s iCloud. The iCloud is a server or online backup service.

That way, you could do your work at the office, leave work, get on the bus, continue your work on your tablet, and finish it at home. Persons should be able to access everywhere they go on every device that they have. An interesting point here is security: What will the Apple Zombies do when they realize hackers can get into the iCloud and steal their data?

Mindless Steve Jobs fans, also known as Apple Zombies, will think that this is a major advance that will change the world. Online backup services have been available for years and Google Docs have been out for months.

What will happen to Mr. Jobs’ little empire when people realize that they can do everything that Mac OS Lion 10.7 can for free? My guess is Jobs will start giving Mac OS Lion 10.7 for free in order to buy their loyalty.

The most interesting thing about Mac OS Lion is that it is a standardized operating system for a variety of devices. Cnet reports that it can be used to interface with iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches, and other devices. Some of the apps on it will be transferable to Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad (don’t ask what these are). Apple users probably think they really are magic because the great wizard Steve Jobs had something to do with them.

Lion vs. Windows (Mac is still behind the times)

In another sign that Apple is still 10 years behind the times, Mac OS X Lion features full screen apps. That means you can have an App that covers your computer screen and blow documents up to a size big enough to work with. Now, us poor backwards Windows users have had this for what, 10, maybe 15 years.

There’s also something called Mission Control, which sounds a lot like a Windows Task bar. Get this, it is a place on your screen where you can see all the apps running on your computer. Just like that little icon in the bottom right hand side of your Windows screen.

There is also a feature that will allow you to quickly launch apps much like you would with an iPad. This is probably evidence that Mac is actually a computer for people who hate computers and are mad they don’t talk like they do on Star Trek.

how to windowsThe most bizarre feature of Lion OS X is, get this, a screen pictured above that looks a lot like a Windows screen. When I see this, I have to wonder what in the world Mac users are paying for? What’s the difference between this and Windows? Or, for that matter, between this and Google Chrome OS or Linux, or Ubuntu.

Another feature is airdrop, which lets you drag and drop documents to other users. Whom haven’t we Windows users have that since dinosaurs roamed the Earth?

Oh yeah, there’s a new look to Apple’s Mail which is supposed to make it better. I suppose this means Apple’s ipad not showing up in itunes  Mail will now look like an AOL mail box circa 1993, which will be a big advance to Mac users.

Also noticeable is what’s missing from the descriptions of Lion OS X. There’s no virtualization feature, so you cannot run other operating systems or programs written for other operating systems on your Mac. Media reports indicate that Microsoft’s Hyper V 3.0 virtualization program will be standard in Windows 8.

Windows Still Beats Mac OS

Anyway, Lion will be available only in the Mac App Store for $29.99. It will be about 4GB in size, and you can use it on all your authorized Macs.

Despite its backwards features, Lion OS X does have some features that will be replicated in future operating systems. You will be able to purchase one license for all of your authorized devices. Microsoft is supposedly working on this for Windows 8. It is also only delivered digitally online, which is how all operating systems will be sold in the near future.

The bottom line is if you want an alternative to Windows, use Google Chrome OS or Ubuntu. They’re both free and they offer all the same features as Lion OS X without having to shell out $29.99. If you want a truly advanced cutting edge operating system, wait until next year when Microsoft rolls out Windows 8.

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